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Project Objectives

Provision of the database is very crucial in decision taking and policy making to the stakeholders. In this age of Information Technology the development of database through the application of modern techniques is need of time. Agriculture department is compiling all available resources in development of authenticated and reliable database. By mean of this project accessibility to Web-GIS application will be arranged and intelligent system to identify gap between actual and potential crop yield shall be produced and a mechanism to create an automatic recommendation for controllable factors will also be developed. The major objectives of the project are as under:

  1. Development of Spatial Database for soil-climate suitability for Crops, vegetables and fruits.
  2. Development of an enterprise level GIS System for soil and water analysis.
  3. Development of web portal for information sharing for agricultural community researchers extension workers, farming community, decision and policy makers.

VISIT Website


GIS Web Application Link

Your Feed Back will be appreciated…we want to listen from your side because it will tell us , how we can make it more beneficial for stakeholders.

3 thoughts on “DDPLA

  1. This is awesome this is really positive technology revolution in the history of Pakistan. I appreciate all the development team of the project and especially the stakeholders.

  2. woww…. this is really very positive step towards improvement and progress of our country… Keep it up and Best wishes to all team members….:-)

    • U gave a message before going to Islamabad Training {E-Commerce ad Web} “Kuch web pages banane se koi bara nhe ban jata” i got this message positively I hope it will be beneficial for me in future. 😀

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